About Us

Who We Are

The Culture at West Coast Utility Solutions was founded on Trust, Reliability and Ethics. We pride ourselves on doing the right thing for our customers and partners, which may not always be the easy thing. We only represent a limited number of companies to ensure each company we represent gets the attention they deserve.

The California Electric Utility Market is not only one of the hardest markets to break into, it is also one of the hardest markets to remain in once you do. Because of our reputation, our relationships, our understanding of the material coding processes, & our expertise in the uniqueness of the California Electric Utility Market, we don’t just help our manufactures get products & services approved. We have the knowledge, expertise & insight to ensure products & services remain approved. Our limited line card allows us to keep a close eye on everything we represent and inform our manufacturers if the market starts to change and if it will require them to pivot on a product or service they are supplying. We foster genuine relationships with our customers & truly care for their wellbeing.  Our goal is to make the electric utility industry a safer, more reliable, and more efficient place for our friends to work in.